Thursday, May 16, 2013

Papal Nuncio urges us to witness to the Truth of our Faith by Living it out in our everyday lives

Christendom College in U.S. State of Virginia,  celebrated its commencement weekend on May 10-12 by awarding degrees to the 96 graduates, as well as honoring Archbishop Charles Brown, Papal Nuncio to Ireland.  

Archbishop Brown celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass on Friday, May 10, and received an honorary doctorate before delivering the commencement address on Saturday, May 11.

"One of the truly beautiful and remarkable strengths of
Christendom College is how the plurality of vocations has historically been so well represented by your graduating classes,” the archbishop said during his homily on Friday. “Christendom graduates have followed the Lord and lived lives of holiness as priests, religious, sisters, monks, and brothers, and as holy married people. The extraordinary richness of this variety of vocations from Christendom is an eloquent proof of the deeply Catholic and truly Catholic character of this college. And of that, all of you—especially the class of 2013—can be justifiably very proud."

In his commencement address, Archbishop Brown warned students that they are entering “a world which more than ever is drifting aimlessly on a sea of relativism, while at the same time being convulsed with spasms of anger directed at traditional moral values.”  He suggested that proclaiming that truth does exist is the solution to many of the problems in this world. 

“Indeed it even seems redundant for us to even mention this to you to today,” he said. “Because the greatness and lasting value of your education at Christendom has been premised precisely on this fact—that there is such a thing as truth. And that truth and the search for truth is worth everything.”

Concluding the archbishop urged graduates to always seek the truth and witness to it in their lives.

“Your years at Christendom have given you an unparalleled preparation for living your faith in our contemporary world,” he said. “By loving the truth and living the truth, you will have an effect on everyone you come in contact with—an effect that is accomplished simply by living and not necessarily always by preaching.”

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