Sunday, July 7, 2013

Papal Nuncio in Drogheda - Every human life is to be respected, because it is of inestimable value

The Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles J Brown attended the annual celebration in honour of St. Oliver Plunkett in Drogheda today along with Cardinal Sean Brady and Archbishop Eamon Martin.  In his homily he told the Congregation that the Constitution explicitly states that freedom of conscience is guaranteed to every citizen.

“If we abandon the principle which teaches that innocent human life is inviolable, which is to say, that is it is sacred and must be protected by law, if we relinquish that principle, and begin to allow for the deliberate and direct destruction of human life, what basis will we have to object when the situation shifts further and other categories of vulnerable human beings are under threat?” he asked.

“We will have none or very little, because we will have sacrificed the foundation, the basis, the principle: every human life is to be respected, because it is of inestimable value.

“This recognition is at the origin of every human society and community. It is not per se a religious truth; it is a human truth,”
he said in his homily at Saint Peter’s Church in Drogheda.

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