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Action Alert - Late Term Abortionist to speak in Dublin 28th September - Speak out for the Unborn


Late term abortionist to speak in Dublin: RTÉ presenter chairing talk

Dear Lynda,
This Saturday, a US based late-term abortionist, Shelley Sella, will speak at the Irish Film Institute before the screening of a movie paying homage to those who specialise in late-term abortion. 
Sella has been accused by a former abortion nurse, Tina David, of stabbing to death a 35 week old baby who survived an abortion in her care. She, and three other late-term abortionists are feted in the movie, After Tiller, which glosses over the horror of late-term abortion.
One of those three is LeRoy Carhart, an abortionist based in Maryland, where Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, and her 33-week-old preborn daughter, Madison Leigh, died in his clinic of February of this year.
Let's be clear: Sella and her colleagues perform abortions right up until birth. This is grim, horrific stuff - yet it is all santised in the movie, After Tiller, which portrays late-term abortionists as kindly, compassionate doctors.
No mention is made, of course, of Kermit Gosnell or other 'house of horrors' abortion clinics where almost full term babies are killed every day. The Irish media have, predictably, done all they can to promote the movie - with the Irish Times running a wholly uncritical and sympathetic interview with Sella last week, where adoption, foetal pain, and better options for mothers were all dismissed with standard propoganda statements from the abortion industry.
Keelin Shanley will interview Sella prior to the screening; no doubt another soft conversation where abortionists are held up as modern-day saints. 



Call or email the following organisations and tell them you wish to complain about their sponsorship of an event which is condoning and praising the barbaric practice, and practitioners, of late-term abortions, and indeed the fact that your taxes are funding it.
Ask them, as a taxpayer, to demand that this film - and its 'protagonist' - which commends this sickening practice be withdrawn from the program. Should this be refused, demand that your taxes are withdrawn as sponsorship.


Irish Film Institute (IFI) on: 01 679 5744 or
Arts Council of Ireland (who fund the IFI) on: 01 6180200 or
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) on: 01 6441200 or 
RTÉ on: 01 2083111 or
The Irish Film Board on: 091561398 or 
Please call us on 01 8730465 to let us know how you have got on. Many thanks!
Read an excellent analysis of the movie here.
*On foetal pain, an anesthesiology professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Dr. Ray Paschall, who has done more surgeries with foetal anesthesia than any doctor in the world, said that babies feel pain not only before birth but before viability.
His statement follows the work of Dr. Kawaljeet Anand, who has argued that a foetus or premature newborn may actually feel pain more intensely than an older newborn. He asserted in a 2007 congressional testimony on foetal pain legislation that a "foetus at 20 to 32 weeks of gestation would experience a much more intense pain than older infants or children or adults" because certain pain mechanisms are in play much earlier, while "fibers which dampen and modulate the experience of pain" are delayed until between 32-34 weeks.
I got the above from a Blog called Etheldrasplace at Supertradmum- Etheldrasplace Blog.  

I would also ask for Prayers that this would not go ahead.  Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy each day for this and for all those involved.  We must remember also that this is a spiritual battle and has also to be fought with Prayer and Fasting.  God bless you. Anne 

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