Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pilgrim Queen of the Family visits The Home

At the Faith of Our Fathers Conference in Kilkenny last weekend, I came across this wonderful apostolate where an Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in a beautiful portable shrine is taken around to homes in a particular Parish.  Each home takes the Shrine for three days to pray the Rosary and then it goes out to another home.  They try to get nine homes in each month to take the Shrine and it has done amazing things for the Parish that takes it on.  It is a very beautiful apostolate and one that should be spread throughout the whole country as we are in such need of prayer especially in our homes.  Below is an article from the Sacred Heart Parish in Belfast;

The Pilgrim Queen of the Family is a movement which promotes family praying of the Rosary. This devotion sees a beautiful portable shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe move from home to home on pilgrimage, spending three days in the month with each family. A prayer book accompanies the shrine, helping families to say the Rosary and offer prayers for life, family and vocations.

“Receiving Our Blessed mother into our home was quite an unexpected grace as neither myself nor my husband pray the rosary. Our children brought the shrine home from school one week and now we can’t imagine what life would be like without Our Lady’s visit. It was simple and a great excuse for us to pray together as a family. At the moment we pray one decade each day during that week. My husband has chosen June to receive the shrine as it is the anniversary of his mum’s death. We light a candle and use the booklet to help us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe “Lady from Heaven” appeared to a native American (St. Juan Diego) at Tepeyac, northwest of what is now Mexico City, in 1531. She sent to all a message of love and compassion and a universal promise of help and protection to all mankind.

More information on how to get involved with this Apostolate, you can contact the Faith and Family Centre, Dal Riada, Avoca Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin at 01-2889317.  

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