Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thought for the Day - Ten Rules of Life & The Holy Mass (by Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan)

"Non-Catholics think it is strange: they ask, 'If day after day the priest does the same thing at Mass, why do Catholics continue gathering together to celebrate?' What they say is partly correct; whoever celebrates and wherever it is celebrated, the Eucharistic Celebration is the one sacrifice of Calvary. But it is the power of mystery that draws people, for it is Jesus himself who offers the sacrifice."-  

(Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan - The Road of Hope #344)

Ten Rules of Life (by Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan)

1. I will live the present moment to the fullest.
2. I will discern between God and God's works.
3. I will hold firmly to one secret: prayer.
4. I will see in the Holy Eucharist my only power.
5. I will have only one wisdom: the science of the Cross.
6. I will remain faithful to my mission in the Church and for the Church as a witness of Jesus Christ.
7. I will seek the peace the world cannot give.
8. I will carry out a revolution by renewal in the Holy Spirit.
9. I will speak one language and wear one uniform: Charity.
10. I will have one very special love: The Blessed Virgin Mary.

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