Friday, November 29, 2013

Fr. Kevin Doran addresses Symposium - Human Rights are innate and not conferred by the State

P10 Father Doran closeOn the 24th November in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, England a Symposium took place for the New Evangelisation of Culture.  Fr. Kevin Doran along with other speakers addressed the symposium.

For more on this go here Diocese of Shrewsbury website;

The symposium, which had the title, The Human Person and the Law, was also addressed by Father Kevin Doran, a Dublin-based philosopher and theologian, who spoke on what it meant to be a human person.

Addressing the Shrewsbury audience Father Doran drew on Church teaching to explain that human rights were innate and were not conferred by the state.

He said that the tendency to try to negotiate their meaning and value had sometimes led to human beings, particularly “on the margins”, being considered as “non-persons”, often with terrible consequences.

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