Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Confraternity for Catholic Clergy in Ireland has begun...

I am delighted to hear that a Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (who wish to remain faithful to the Church and its teachings) has been set up in Ireland by Fr. Gerard Deighan.  This was established during a meeting of Priests in Knock Shrine in October last.  This Confraternity would offer mutual support and encouragement for Priests.

I do hope in the future that they would also consider a lay associate membership similar to the Confraternity in Australia, to help support and pray for Priests and not interfere with their Priestly ministry. We really have too much clericalisation of the laity in Ireland and it is destroying Parish life, interfering with the ministry of Priests and also discouraging Vocations.

Let us pray for Fr. Gerard Deighan and those Priests involved in the new Confraternity and ask Our Lord and Our Lady, the Mother of all Priests to bless and protect and to bring forth great fruit from this new apostolate.

Bishops, Priests and Deacons can join this Confraternity also.  Any Priest or Deacon who wishes to join or if you wish to enquire more about the Confraternity you can email them at

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