Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Persecution of Catholics in Argentina

WARNING: Video is upsetting and shows extremely obscene acts of degradation towards the young men praying the Holy Rosary at the Cathedral.  Let us pray for all Persecuted Christians throughout the world, the suffering which is increasing by the day.  Let us also strengthen ourselves with the weapons of more intense Prayer and Fasting...  

Catholicism Pure and Simple reports:

‘From the 23rd-25th November, in San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina, the feminist-leftist’s 28 Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres took place. Hordes of lesbians, their male peers and abortion advocates bellowed noisy and anti-Catholic slogans throughout the city. Over the past few years, these extremist gatherings have degenerated into violent attacks against Catholic institutions, and recently, the feminist hordes  have targeted Catholic churches.

Because of the roughly 7000-strong antagonists (Church-hostile feminists) wanting to storm the Archdiocesan Church, 1500 young Catholics formed a human shield around the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist) to prevent it from happening. Catholic institutions were daubed with slogans such as “Burn the Churches Down” or “Set Fire to the Churches.” Though hemmed in on all sides, the courageous Catholics opposed the angry mob by praying aloud, whilst they were insulted with slogans that cannot be repeated here.’

According to reports from young Catholics who had defended the Church, the impression they had was that it was a “satanic attack” with “demonic figures”, being seen as part of an “anti-Christian world revolution.” In one place the extremists lit a big fire and burned an effigy of Pope Francis as they danced around the fire.

Above from website: Catholicism Pure and Simple

*These forms of persecution have been going on for a number of years Argentina. Check out these links;

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