Thursday, February 27, 2014

Catholic England & Wales - Encourage Catholics back to Confession for Lent

Catholic Bishop, Kieran Conry, is leading a drive to invite Catholics back to Confession this Lent, and he is keen to highlight how your mobile phone can help you to prepare to make a good Confession – whether it is your first Confession in thirty years, or you go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly in your local parish.

This follows a national survey of Cathedrals conducted last year which highlighted a rise in the number of people going to Confession, and a call for additional resources to help penitents prepare for the Sacrament and know what to say.

*What about the Church here in Ireland, could we not do the same here ?  We can always think of ways to encourage people to get to Confession by simply even letting people know when Confessions are available in their Parish or nearby Parish or Monastery by putting a notice up in the Church.  And also Perhaps a Talk, Video or DVD on Confession can be given or shown in the local Parish hall and many other ideas that lay people can act on. 

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