Friday, February 28, 2014

Syria's Suffering while the World looks on.........

Links to Photos:  Daily Mail - Syria

The suffering of the Syrian people is beyond words.  It is heartwrenching to see these pictures and to see on our televisions the plight of these poor people.  They must feel as though they are left by the world as we watch on.  War is so futile, so destructive.  What is the purpose of all these conflicts - only destruction and great suffering for so many innocent people.

You can feel in your heart, the cry of Jesus 'My God, My God why have you deserted me ?'
May the Lord have mercy on all of us and all those responsible for causing this dreadful suffering and for those who do little or nothing to help them.  How would we feel to see our mother, our father, our brother and sister, our children going through this ?

O Lord Jesus help them and help us to pray for an end to this useless destruction and violence in Syria. 

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