Wednesday, March 5, 2014

33 North Korean Christians face execution under brutal Regime - Pray for them and for all held in Concentration Camps in North Korea

Thirty-three North Koreans face execution after being charged with attempting to overthrow the repressive regime of Kim Jong-un.

The Koreans have landed themselves in hot water after it emerged they had worked with South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook (pictured here) and received money to set up 500 underground churches. It is understood they will be put to death in a cell at the State Security Department.

Read full article here:  Daily - Kim Jong-Un 'orders 33 people to be executed' because they made contact with Christian missionary, say South Korean press

*We pray for all those who are now facing execution and for all those in Concentration camps in North Korea.  We thought we would never see it again, but there it is and for all the media to hear and know about and yet there remains silence amongst many.  And what kind of sanctions are put up against N.Korea for the horrific cruelty towards innocent human beings.  We hear of stricter sanctions being put on Russia at the moment but why not North Korea ?  

O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a Fount of Mercy for us, I Trust in You.  Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world and at this time North Korea.  

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