Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bl. Mother Maria Teresa of St. Joseph - A tower of Strength

The life of Bl. Mother Maria Teresa of St. Joseph (Anna Tauscher) was fraught with incredible difficulties and crosses.  Her autobiography is very inspiring.  She too is another of my favourite Saints as she withstood so many great difficulties and obstacles with heroic strength and faith in Christ.  Both her interior and exterior difficulties were always met with great charity and humble submission to the will of God.

Below part of her biography  and more on the website linked.  From the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus; 

Blessed Maria Teresa of St. Joseph -- Anna Maria Tauscher -- was born on June 19, 1855 in Sandow, Germany, which is now in Poland.  She came from a deeply religious Protestant pastor's family.  God guided this richly talented and capable woman on steep and stony roads to the Catholic faith.  On October 30, 1888 she was received into the Catholic Church.  From then on she herself became poor for the sake of the poor, homeless for the sake of the homeless.  She placed her life in the service of God.  In order to realize this goal, she founded a religious Congregation, the Carmel of the Divine Heart of Jesus on July 2, 1891.

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