Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fr. Paul from group 'Courage' Responds to Synod Report

This is just an excerpt of this article from the National Catholic Register of an interview with Fr. Paul Check from the Courage Apostolate which helps people with same sex attraction to live a chaste life. Full article can be found at link below;

Now Father Paul Check, who leads the international Courage apostolate, which helps Catholics with same-sex attraction live in accord with Catholic teaching on chastity, has expressed concern about this passage. During an interview today, he said that Courage members are worried and confused about the message from the Synod:

I am most concerned for the people who are part of the Courage apostolate. They trust that what the Church teaches on homosexuality is true. They are striving with God’s  grace to live that teaching, amid other voices —  including their own families — telling them to live another way and find a partner.

They look at this language with dismay, concern and some pain. They count on the voice of the Church to keep them strong and reassure them that the choices they have made are true. The Church gives them strength to persevere.

I also think about our EnCourage parents and their struggle to trust what the Church teaches is true, when there are many other voices in the legislature and judiciary that want to normalize same-sex unions.

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