Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gods Mercy does not want us to remain in sin but draws us away from it

We hear alot today in the Church about Mercy and Compassion towards those in sinful situations.  Yes Gods mercy is greater than all the sins of the world and we will never comprehend that Mercy because it is beyond our very limited capacity to do so.  But Gods Mercy pulls us away from sin, because sin destroys us. Jesus did not suffer on the Cross for no reason, and His sufferings were far greater than we could ever imagine.

I remember at one meeting on a topic of faith, a person said that 'Jesus came and sat down with the sinners and welcomed them all' which more or less implied that He left them at that and did not challenge them to change.  And I followed on that by saying 'yes, He did but He did not tell them to remain in their sins'.  He came to set us free from sin, He did not say it is all okay for you to remain in a sinful situation which would be under the very deceitful guise of a false compassion.  

This false compassion is dangerous and will lead many souls away from Christ and from eternal happiness. We have to pray for wisdom and great courage in these days in the Church which is being shaken from within.  Let us pray and stay at the foot of the Cross with Mary, Mother of the Church and hold fast no matter what happens and trust that God in His infinite providence will bring all things to the good even if things get much worse in the forthcoming months.

In the Diary of St. Faustina (whose Feast Day is today 5th Oct), she writes;

Today the Lord said to me, I have opened My Heart as a living fountain of mercy. Let all souls draw life from it. Let them approach this sea of mercy with great trust. Sinners will attain justification, and the just will be confirmed in good. Whoever places his trust in My mercy will be filled with My divine peace at the hour of death. (Diary, 1520).

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