Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Diocese of Killaloe closes door on Vocations

The Diocese of Killaloe closed the door on Christ who wishes to call men to serve and minister in the Diocese as Permanent Deacons.  The Diocese is saying no because of a small group of women who do not like men serving in the Church as Priests or Deacons.  It is interesting to note that now yet another group of dissenting Catholics has formed called 'Seeds of hope' and they are now pressuring the Bishop to divert funds from the Diaconate to lay ministry.  This group of women effectively are not interested in encouraging Vocations to the Priesthood or Religious life and are not interested in what Christ wants for His Church but only what they want.

Jesus continually calls men to the Ordained Ministry but these women have now shut the door in Christ's face and in the faces of those who wish to follow Him in serving the Church.   So what kind of a Church is that ?  It is certainly not 'inclusive' or Christocentric.   This group have completely ignored all the wishes of those who want the Permanent Diaconate to go ahead and they continue to dictate to the Bishop over and above all the Parish councils in the Diocese who have had no say in this matter.  Therefore the Parish councils are also no longer valid if they remain voiceless in their own Diocese.

As long as this continues we may forget about Vocations altogether in the Diocese of Killaloe and perhaps the Diocese should be closed and amalgamated with other Dioceses.  There was after all some discussion that there were too many Dioceses in Ireland.   But nothing happened.  But I do think that there is alot wrong with a Diocese when it caves in so easily to a small group of dissenters.  Alot of Prayer and Reparation is needed for our Church in Ireland.  

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