Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Synod of Limerick for 2016

The Synod will take place over three days bringing together 400 delegates who will set out a path for renewal for the Church in Limerick.

The Diocese of Limerick has announced it will hold its first synod in over seventy years in spring 2016 which is aimed at plotting a way forward for renewal and collaboration in the Church there.

Bishop Brendan Leahy made the announcement at a Youth Mass at St Joseph’s parish in the heart of Limerick City on Sunday, saying there would be an 18 month period of reflection and listening ahead of the synod, which will commence this December.

They will try to ensure the synod delivers, with a sense of renewal as well as partnership among all in the diocese, the message, ministry and mission needed for the future.

Between now and the official opening of the period of reflection on Sunday 7 December, 400 synod delegates, who will be drawn from parishes across the diocese, will be identified.

The 400 will collectively begin a process that will set out the key issues for consideration at the gathering in spring 2016.

Bishop Leahy has appointed Fr Éamonn Fitzgibbon, Episcopal Vicar, as Director of the Synod. Fr Fitzgibbon will co-ordinate the many strands of preparation for the synod as well as the synod event itself.
He will also engage in a process for the selection of delegates for the synod.

In a letter published on the diocesan website, Bishop Leahy said the gathering would be true to the meaning of the word ‘synod’, which is ‘journeying together’.

Above from website and more here:  Limerick Synod 2016

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