Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Year for Vocations in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, England

Bishop Mark Davies has dedicated 2015 as a “Year for Vocations” in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, which includes vocations to marriage and family life as well as the priesthood and religious life.

Bishop Davies said: “We believe that the union of husband and wife, expressed in the union of one flesh, must always be open to new life, to the children God may entrust to the couple. We believe sexual relations belong within marriage alone. And we believe we are all called to chastity according to our state in life. Indeed, it is by living the beautiful virtue of chastity that we ensure we use this gift of sexuality in accord with God’s purpose. We believe that, as is true of the Sacrament of Matrimony, both virginity for the sake of the Kingdom of God and apostolic celibacy are also God’s gifts.

“We believe that these callings – to marriage, to consecrated virginity and to apostolic celibacy – inseparably support each other. Let us be filled with wonder and gratitude for God’s plan and purpose in marriage and family life; in the beauty of chastity; in the joy of consecrated virginity and apostolic celibacy. It is God’s grace that makes it possible for us to live these vocations faithfully; and if we fall short that same God-given grace heals us, making it possible to set out once again on the path of conversion.”

Also you can read Bishop Davies' Christmas homily here: Bishop of Shrewsbury homily at Midnight Mass

May the Lord bless Bishop Mark Davies, a true Shepherd to his people.  I always look forward to his homilies and teachings.  I hope that more would be done here in Ireland for Vocations most especially to the Priesthood.   My own small efforts at encouraging vocations is a blog called Come Follow me, here and also through daily prayer and lighting a candle for a holy Vocation to the Priesthood each day.  

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