Friday, December 19, 2014

Adoration leads to Vocations - But do you know about it ?

In Ireland we are struggling with Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life.  It is a well known fact that Adoration helps to increase Vocations. Yet you would see in some Churches in Dublin anyway that Eucharistic Adoration is not promoted at all.  One particular Church I know has Adoration three days a week, but they do not put the times of Adoration on their weekly Sunday bulletin, nor their website.  And this Church has cut down on the hours of Adoration due to a lack of adorers.  It used to be available five days a week.  Perhaps they might realise sometime that the lack of adorers comes from the lack of knowledge about the Adoration in the first place.

So Please if you know of Adoration hours taking place in your Church, put up a sign in the Church and make it appealing.  Put it in your bulletin EVERY week just as you put the Mass times.  Speak about it from the Pulpit.  People don't know anything about things that they don't see or hear about.  Please keep the Churches open on Sundays for people to Pray also.  We don't always need Adoration but we know that Jesus lives in the Tabernacle.  Adore Him there, and keep Him company.

Irish Catholics need to wake up and promote Prayer and Adoration using whatever modern means they have.  Also with Vocations, the same.  Promote the Priesthood and Religious life in attractive ways.  This Year is the Year of Consecrated Life.  Be Joyful about it.  Jesus is still calling people whether you think it or not.  Give Him the Chance to Reach them...

Wake up ....for Goodness Sake......

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