Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Catholics should not be refused Holy Communion just because they are kneeling...

It is to be noted that Catholics should and can receive Holy Communion if they wish to kneel.  A Priest has no right to refuse Holy Communion to anyone who kneels.  I say this because I myself and others have been rebuffed because we kneeled to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament.

Though I do not get angry with the Priest but go standing if I have to.  But what the Priest does is wrong.  He needs prayer and sacrifice.

We have to remember the Church's teaching and the examples of the Holy Fathers Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis who distribute Holy Communion to people kneeling and on the tongue.

It is after all Jesus Christ we are receiving. If a Priest no longer has that faith in the True Presence, it does not give them the right to deny someone Holy Communion if they wish to kneel.  To kneel for Holy Communion gives reverence due to the Lord who is due our respect.

Please stand up for your Faith and do make a complaint to a Bishop or Priest if this happens.  But do so in charity always.  It is important that you do so because we the laity are called to help protect and rebuild and renew the Church.  If we remain silent, we will allow these abuses to continue and it is my own belief that many liturgical abuses have entered into the Church, because the faithful say nothing.  Remember Veronica who came out of the crowd and risked her own life to wipe the Face of Jesus in His great sufferings.  We too are called to step out and defend our Church and comfort the Lord in the midst of all He has to endure today in the Church.  

God bless you.  

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  1. Astonishing. And the amazing thing is that in the Church of Ireland kneeling remains nearly universal. It brings a tear to my eye as I see frail, elderly folk struggle to kneel and struggle to rise. When I tell them they can stand if it causes them too much pain, they tell me they wouldn't dream of it - as long as they can kneel, they will. Only the very few who truly can't kneel stand to receive; and they do so with the utmost regret and make it their business to explain to me that they kneeling is now beyond them and they intend no disrespect.


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