Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Meditations on Christmas


God’s sign is his humility. God’s sign is that he makes himself small; he becomes a child; he lets us touch him and he asks for our love. How we would prefer a different sign, an imposing, irresistible sign of God’s power and greatness! But his sign summons us to faith and love, and thus it gives us hope: this is what God is like. He has power, he is Goodness itself. He invites us to become like him. Yes indeed, we become like God if we allow ourselves to be shaped by this sign; if we ourselves learn humility and hence true greatness; if we renounce violence and use only the weapons of truth and love.
---Homily at Mass for the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord, December 24, 2009


Only if people change will the world change; and in order to change, people need the light that comes from God, the light which so unexpectedly [on the night of Christmas] entered into our night.
---Homily at Mass for the Solemnity,of the Nativity of the Lord, December 25, 2008

Above from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 

Have a very blessed and Holy Christmas Season......keep close to Jesus at every moment.  He is always with us.  

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