Sunday, December 21, 2014

Silverstream Priory - Benedictine Community need your help

Ireland’s newest monastery - the Benedictine monks of Silverstream Priory in Co Meath - need €150,000.
Benedictine monks of Silverstream priory (l to r) Dom Elijah, Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, Dom Finian and Dom Benedict Andersen.
The fundraising deadline for Ireland’s newest monastery is just four days away and the Benedictine monks of Silverstream Priory still need €150,000.
The community of five was founded from its parent community in the diocese of Tulsa in Oklahoma in the US and ended up coming to Ireland when the house the community was renting in Tulsa became too small.
Prior, Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, explained that they need to purchase the Victorian-era monastery to make their future secure and to do major work to stem its descent into further decay.
Silverstream Priory was built around 1845 on 15 acres of countryside near Stamullen.
Above article from and continued here;  Catholic Ireland - Silverstream Priory
To contact the Monastery with a donation go here:
We are in great need in Ireland for this Community and for other Communities from abroad to come here as we need Holy Priests and also to make reparation for the many sins against the Holy Eucharist.  Please support and give what you can as their Community is vital to the renewal of the Church in Ireland. God bless you. 

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