Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Catholic Active Religious Orders needed to be set up here in Ireland

The more traditional Catholic religious orders are the Orders that are growing in number throughout the world.  Young women reject religious orders which have assimilated too much with the world.  Many of these diminishing religious orders have forsaken the religious habit and many have also embraced false philosophies such as new age and non Christian philosophies.  You can easily see this on their websites which are dull and lacking in any form of Catholicity. Young people will not follow or join a community which has completely lost its own identity. They want a new challenge, something which revives their spiritual lives and asks more of them than the world and all that it offers.  They wish and desire with all of their hearts to follow Christ and Him alone.

In Ireland we need more religious houses for nuns and we need Novitiates here also.  New Foundations which adhere to the Teachings of the Church are badly needed here, particularly orders which are both contemplative and active.  Many Vocations have been lost over the past thirty years here in Ireland because there are very few, especially of the active religious orders which have remained faithful to their original charism and faithful to the Teachings of Christ and His Church.

Let us pray for that to change and for new Religious Houses to be set up here in Ireland to renew and also make reparation in our Church.  

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