Friday, May 17, 2013

Pray for an end to Abortion..and for Ireland at this crucial time.

We Pray the Chaplet of Mercy and Divine Mercy Prayers
especially today Friday trusting in the 
Promises of Jesus who died for all of us.

We continue on with the 40 Day Prayer and Fasting initiative
until June 20th for the Protection of Life in our country. 

Archbishop Eamon Martin said recently in his Homily in Dundalk:

None of us can leave our faith ‘outside the room’ when we are considering these matters.  Those final words at Mass call us to go and announce the Gospel of the Lord, to go and glorify the Lord with our lives.  We cannot separate our communion with Christ in the Eucharist from the call to mission and evangelisation. We must face the challenge of putting faith into practice in our lives, and have the courage to follow our informed conscience, no matter what the consequences might be. And in this vital case our conscience has to be informed by our communion with the Bread of Life, by the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’, and by the fundamental Christian belief in the 
sacredness of all human life.

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