Monday, July 8, 2013

It is People of Conscience who shape the World - Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown

The Apostolic Nuncio has paid tribute to Ireland’s “long and radiant history of men and women of conscience” who preferred to suffer rather than deny what their conscience tells them is right.

In his homily for the feast day of martyred Irish Archbishop of Armagh, St Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop Charles Brown told the congregation at St Peter’s Church in Drogheda that it is people of conscience who shape the world.

Recalling the words of Blessed John Paul II at Drogheda in 1979 on the inviolability of human life and the importance of conscience, Archbishop Brown highlighted the Irish Constitution’s “explicit guarantee” of the freedom of conscience for every citizen.

Referring to the vigil being kept for Nelson Mandela, he paid tribute to the South African leader’s battle to have the dignity and equality of all recognised under the law. The Nuncio likened his stance on a matter of principle to those who have taken a stand on abortion.

“Principles are indeed important,” he said. “If we abandon the principle which teaches that innocent human life is inviolable … and begin to allow for the deliberate and direct destruction of human life, what basis will we have to object when the situation shifts further and other categories of vulnerable human beings are under threat?” he asked.

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