Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pray and Work for the Culture of Life

President Michael D Higgins has signed the abortion legislation into law – without referring it to the Supreme Court.

We continue to pray and build up the Culture of Life and support those Pro Life organisations who will wish to contest this most unjust and cruel legislation which was brought in against the wishes of the majority of Irish people.  

To find out more on this issue and to support Pro Life organisations in their work ahead to contest the legislation go to:  Family & Life or/and

Our Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown earlier this month in Drogheda said;

“Principles are indeed important,” he said. “If we abandon the principle which teaches that innocent human life is inviolable … and begin to allow for the deliberate and direct destruction of human life, what basis will we have to object when the situation shifts further and other categories of vulnerable human beings are under threat?”.

“We will have none or very little, because we will have sacrificed the foundation, the basis, the principle: every human life is to be respected, because it is of inestimable value. This recognition is at the origin of every human society and community. It is not per se a religious truth; it is a human truth.”

For the Statement from the Pro Life Campaign go to: Pro Life Campaign

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