Sunday, September 1, 2013

Catholics of 21st century will need Courage and Conviction, says Bishop Davies

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury homily given at Youth 2000 Festival in Walsingham on August 25th; 

'With more than three million in Rio last month and with more than a thousand in Walsingham this weekend, we might not really feel like a minority but that is what Christians are about to become in this country of ours. By 2020, if the analysis of the recent census is to be believed, most people in this land will no longer identify themselves in any way as Christians. It’s a situation you already know well as young people of 21st Century Britain. A situation which will surely demand of new generations of Catholics a clear stand, an inspirational lead and, as the Gospel reminds us today, a human struggle! Jesus tells us “try your best to enter by the narrow door” (Luke 13:24). And let’s be clear: this “narrow door” Our Lord proposes is not a narrowness of mind but the reverse. To be ready to say “your Kingdom come, your will to be done …” is to open our minds and hearts to all God’s power makes possible, the wide horizons which may seem closed to so many of our contemporaries.'

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