Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Listening to and Reading Messages from Supposed Visionaries V Studying our Faith

Video Link: Thoughts on Visionaries

I don't always agree with Michael Voris or his methods but I do agree with what he says here as I know myself the damage that can and has been done by following Visionaries or reported Apparition sites.  Maria Divine Mercy is also Irish.  Just think about how many 'visionaries' we have in our own country.  Christina Gallagher, then the anonymous visionary 'Ann the lay apostle' and now Maria Divine Mercy (also anonymous).  First of all any 'visionary' who remains anonymous in my opinion cannot be genuine.  I also believe that the reason that there is such a surge of interest in supposed visionaries or places of reported apparitions, in Ireland is due to the lack of faith in the Eucharist as well as a complete lack of Catechesis. 

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