Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Standing by in Silence while the Wolves enter......

When we see heretical teachings and new age philosophies being promoted by our Church, what do we do about it ?  Complain amongst ourselves, say nothing, stay silent.  The problem with doing nothing it allows all of this stuff to spread throughout our Church.  And it destroys our faith little by little when we do nothing or say nothing.  Of course we must pray but we must also defend our faith.

I recently contacted the Catholic Ireland website for featuring Fr. Richard Rohr almost every day (guaranteed once a week at least) in their Thought for the day.  Despite the multitude of Saints in our Church, the Church's documents, Papal Encyclicals etc etc they decide to go for the writings of a Priest who is well known for his dissidence.  The Catholic Ireland website got back to me to say that Fr. Rohr is doing nothing wrong, he is in good standing with the Church.  Oh really, is he ?  I know myself the damage that this Priests writings have done to other Priests and Religious and the damage they continually do.  And what happens here with this, is that it spreads into Parishes where I now see some Parishes promoting Fr. Rohrs centre for Action on their facebook pages as well as his writings.

I also wrote to the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference as I thought that they would somehow have some say in a website that calls itself 'Catholic Ireland' and whose content goes into almost every Diocesan website and many Parish websites in Ireland.   I got a reply today to say that they don't have any responsibility for this website.  Really, so they are not responsible either for the heretical teachings that are allowed to pass through to other Catholic sites in our country.  The Bishops seem to have no say in the matter in protecting their flock from all this rubbish which even though it may seem trivial or small, all of this contributes to the downplaying and undermining of our true faith and true Catholicism.

There are many other things in our Church which remain in our Catholic retreat centres and which are allowed into our Parish centres, so many new age philosophies, and other forms of spiritualities being embraced by our Church.  There are Pastoral Plans in certain dioceses which read more like documents from the HSE than the Church to be honest.  In one particular pastoral plan for a diocese, there is no mention of the Sacrament of Confession, of Sin, of Souls, of Purgatory, of Redemptive Suffering, of the Rosary, of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, of the Saints and of doing something to help Vocations to the Priesthood...nothing.  To me, it is not a Catholic document at all.  It betrays Jesus and His people, denying them the truths of our Faith and the reality of what we are supposed to believe.  And all this goes on right in front of us.  And nobody says anything or maybe they do but they are not being heard because nothing is being done about it.

We also have an Association of Catholic Priests whose views are given ample space on the Catholic Ireland website also (with regular thoughts from Fr. Brendan Hoban as well as plenty of news coverage) and who are also given a sympathetic ear from The Irish Catholic newspaper.   And it goes on and on and on.....and then we can wonder why people leave the Church or are simply not interested ?

Yep, I am not in a good mood on this post.  If you read the Pastoral Plan that I just read you wouldn't be in good humour either.  This plan is going to put many souls in jeopardy as is the long standing silence over the above issues.  The salvation of souls is hardly ever spoken of and it would make you weep to see all this going on without as much as a whimper from those in charge.  God help us all.  Pray for me.

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