Monday, February 17, 2014

Foyer of Charity and Marthe Robin

The Foyers of Charity which originated in France, began with the mystic Marthe Robin and her spiritual director Fr. Finet.  They are Catholic communities of men and women who, following the example of the first Christians, place their material, intellectual and spiritual goods in common.

They live their commitment in the same Spirit, in order to build, with Mary as Mother, the Family of God on earth.

They do this under the leadership of a Priest, the Father, in an unceasing effort of charity among themselves.

By their life of prayer and work in the world, they give witness to Light, Charity and Love according to the great message of Christ, King, Prophet and Priest.

Video on Marthe Robin here:  Net for God TV - The Mission of Marthe Robin

For more information go to:  Foyer of Charity

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