Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Martha Syndrome - too much Activity and too little Prayer......Watch and Be careful !

One of the things I think we can suffer from in various Catholic apostolates and ministries is over activity and too little prayer.  If we do not pray, our spiritual lives suffer, our relationship with Christ and others suffers.  I have seen this myself both in myself and others.  It is important that we learn to sit still with Christ in silence for some time especially after receiving Him in Holy Communion but also in our personal prayer time. Our personal prayer is paramount.  We will find that when we put Jesus first in prayer, our work will go much better and be more fruitful.  So let us pray and learn to enter into a deeper communion with Christ with and through Mary, His Mother who is also our Mother.  God bless you and keep you this night in His peace and His Love. 

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