Saturday, October 4, 2014

Defend the Faith and Bring Men back to our Churches...stop the rot of 'Inclusiveness'

The so called 'inclusive' mentality in our own Church in Ireland has denied men their rightful place in the Church and is taking men away from our Churches.  We see in the Killaloe Diocese where the 'inclusive' meeting organised by some women stopped men from entering to the Diaconate.  How do we take this, do we take it lying down or do we try to wake up and defend our Faith and the Truths of our Faith which our young people need to hear.  It is time for the Laity in the Church to stand up for the Faith and Defend it as these men are doing in Poland.  We need men back in our Churches, we need Priests and good religious and Deacons.  Pray for Vocations in our Country and Stop the Rot that is undermining our Faith for so many decades.    

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