Friday, October 3, 2014

Putting the Cry of the Earth before the Cry for Vocations in Ireland is astonishing....

The Cry of the Earth document was issued by the Irish Bishops at their autumn meeting last week.  This document goes back to 2009.

Irish Catholic Bishops Autumn Meeting

Irish Catholic Bishops - Call to Action for Climate Justice

Our Bishops who I sincerely respect, are worried about the climate while we have a major crisis with Vocations to the Priesthood with just 14 men this year going to Maynooth compared to 54 in the UK (England and Wales).  I have to say I find this absolutely unbelievable when we have such a shortage of Vocations and a complete lack of spiritual formation in our Church today that they would give such attention to this environmental issue.  This document on climate change features higher on the Agenda of the Bishops Conference website in sixth place with Vocations at 15th Place.  I really don't understand what is going on here.

Pray for our Bishops.  God help us and have mercy on all of us.

Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us and Mother Mary watch over us and help us
and help our Bishops and Priests.  

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