Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Year of Consecrated Life opens November 30th

The Vatican has begun to announce plans for celebrating the Year of Consecrated Life, which begins in November 2014.

Three-pronged focus
•   renewal for men and women in consecrated life,
•   thanksgiving among the faithful for the service of sisters, brothers, priests, and nuns,
•   invitation to young Catholics to consider a religious vocation.

Tentative schedule
Nov. 29, 2014: Opening Prayer Vigil
Nov. 30, 2014: Opening Mass with Pope Francis
Jan. 22-24, 2015: Meeting of Catholic consecrated men and women and consecrated religious from other Christian traditions (to be held during the week of Christian unity)

Second week of April, 2015: Conference on religious formation around the world

Sept. 23-26, 2015: Event for young men and women in discernment and in the process of joining religious orders

Dec. 18-21, 2015: Separate meetings for members of monastic orders and of secular institutes.

Jan. 28 - Feb. 1, 2016: Theological symposium on religious life

Feb. 2, 2016: Closing Mass with Pope Francis on World Day of Consecrated Life

Click here for more information about available resources for the Year of Consecrate Life.

There are many more events held in Dioceses throughout the World for this special Year. This is a Year to encourage Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life.  We must do all we can to encourage and assist Christ in His Work of Redemption of Souls and Pray for all those who have already given their lives to Him in this work and for those who will do so in the future as Priests and Religious. 

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